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Approved Annual Budget 2017-18

Rural area of Chandigarh comprised of 18 villages upto September, 2006, when 5 villages were included in the area of Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, thus leaving only 13 villages in the rural belt.The population of the rural area is only 93863, as per Census 2011.  In the past, lot of development has taken place in the villages including street paving, provision of piped drinking water supply, electricity, street lighting, sewerage system etc.

An outlay of Rs.326.00 lakhs has been approved for the year 2016-17 for “Strengthening of Infrastructur”, . Against this approved outlay, an amount of Rs.325.97 lakhs has been utilized in for bringing alround development in the rural area. During the current financial year2017-18, a budget provision has been made of Rs. 445.21 lakh for Minor Works.

Development is a continuing process and it changes its facet with passage of time. New ideas with regard to development process always keep pouring and the needs of modern civic amenities are felt and raised by the villagers from time to time.

Chandigarh is a fast expanding and developing City and the remaining 13 villages are within the radius of 8 KM from the main City. These villages have also attained peri-urban character due to their close vicinity to Chandigarh.  Keeping in view the future needs for developing these villages on city pattern and also the other matters regarding training to PRIs representatives and women empowerment etc., an outlay of Rs.449.21  lakhs  has been approved in the Annual Budget 2017-18 to implement the following schemes:-

1. Strengthening of Infrastructure.

Approved Annual Budget 2017-18 Rs. 445.21 LAKH

This scheme is the main scheme of the department and involves the aspects of alround development of the villages. The major works to be undertaken in this scheme   include programmes like concretization of the village streets, which helps in providing better durability of streets and better drainage.  The major streets in U.T. villages have already been concretized. However, the remaining portions are yet to be covered.  Besides   sanitation and cleanliness in the villages requires extra attention for which infrastructure of streets and underground drainage has to be strengthened.  Further there is also need to strengthen the water supply and sewerage system in the villages, which has become direly necessary amenity these days.. 

An amount of Rs. 326.000 lakhs was provided for the in the budget 2016-17 under this scheme, which has been utilized in full before the close of the financial year. An amount of Rs.445.21 lakhs has been approved for the Annul Plan 2017-18.

2. Empowerment of Women

Approved Annual Budget 2017-18 Rs. 2.00 LAKHS

This is a continue scheme, which aims at empowering the women by bringing awareness among them about the family health, child care, nutrition including nutritive cooking for  providing balanced diet to the family, domestic cleanliness, environmental sanitation, avoiding wasteful expenditure on rituals, importance of education for children between the age group of 6 to 11 years, small savings etc.  The other objective of the scheme is to train the women folk of rural area in matters like day-care services, raising and preserving vegetables and fruits, tailoring and knitting, soap making, candle making, mat and basket making, embroidery etc. All these activities are conducive to adding to the family income of the rural households, thus making the role of women vital in domestic life.

The scheme is implemented in following two parts:-

1. Training of Associate Women Workers :

Approved outlay: Rs. 1.00 LAKHS

Under this Scheme, the rural women/girls are trained in matters like family health, child care, nutrition, domestic and environmental sanitation, small saving etc. at the Home Science College, Chandigarh for a period of 5 days  and during the training period the trainees are given stipend and food charges.

During the year 2016-17, an amount of Rs 1.00 lakhs has been approved  for the purpose against which an amount of Rs.1.00 lakh had been utilized in the Annual 2016-17, and 50 Nos. women/girls were trained during 2016-17.   Similar outlay of Rs.1.00 lakh has been approved for the Annual Plan 2017-18, which will be utilized as under to achieve a target of   50 Nos. women/girls trainees :-

S.No. Item Amount to be spent during 2017-18
1 Stipend per trainee per day 220/-
2 Food charges per trainee per day 100/-
  Total 320/-

2. Promotion of Mahila Mandals:

Approved outlay for 2017-18 : Rs. 1.00 LAKHS

The Mahila Mandals have been established in all the villages and have been registered under the Societies Registration Act. With the objective to equip the rural women to undertake income-generating activities like day care services, raising and preserving vegetables and fruits, tailoring and knitting, embroidery, soap-making, mat and basket-making, candle-making etc., financial assistance is afforded to Mahila Mandals of U.T. villages.In turn, the Mahila Mandals arrange demonstration/training to the rural women in the above activities.

During the year 2016-17, a sum of Rs 1.00 lakh had been utilized for providing financial assistance to 02 Mahila Mandals at the rate of Rs.50000/- each. Similar outlay of Rs.1.00 lakh has been approved in the budget 2017-18, with which 02 Mahila Mandals will be assisted.

3.Association and involvement of PRI Representatives in Development process.

Approved outlay for 2017-18: Rs.2.00 LAKHS

Under this scheme, the elected representatives of the Panchayati Raj Institutions i.e. the Gram Panchayats, Panchayat Samiti and Zila Parishad are imparted trainings on the provisions of Punjab Panchayati Raj Act, 1994 and regarding their role in the process of development and upliftment of the economic status of village residents.  They are also apprised about the details and modalities of various development and welfare schemes of the Chandigarh Administration being implemented in the rural area.  The training is arranged in collaboration with the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Public Administration, Centre for Research in Rural & Industrial Development (CRRID) and also in any reputed institutions like National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad so that the elected representatives are able to play vital role in the development process.

During the year 2016-17, an outlay of Rs. 2.00 lakhs stands approved, against which an amount of Rs 2.00 lakhs had been utilized and same amount is provide in the current year 2017-18.

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