New Initiatives

1.Property Records.

This project shall be taken up to make a data base of the properties including households in the villages.  It shall be done with the help of Geographical Information System.  This is necessary in the light of the fact that the House Tax is imposed in the villages.  Therefore, if proper record of the properties is there, this House Tax can be imposed with ease and it shall help in enhancing the own resources of the Gram Panchayat.  Moreover, it shall help to minimize the property litigation.  This project shall also include mapping of panchayat properties which shall help in preventing any encroachments by the villagers.

2.Survey of BPL families. 

There is no survey of families below poverty line in U.T. villages.  As a result we are not aware of the number of BPL families and hence are not able to avail various schemes of Govt. of India under poverty alleviation programmes. The survey   shall be carried out in all the villages to identify the BPL families.  This shall be useful in identification of the beneficiaries under different schemes of the GOI like Sampuran Gramin Rozgar Yojana,  National Rural employment Guarantee Programme and  Swaran   Jayanti Rozgar Yojana etc.  It shall help in enhancing the income generation activities to the BPL families for raising their standard of living.

3.Rural Business Hubs

The Govt. of India has chalked out a strategy for developing Rural Business Hubs in the villages involving  Agro-processing, Handicrafts and Handlooms etc.  As far as U.T. Chandigarh is concerned, the dairy and dairy products,  pottery, carpet making etc. have good scope in the rural area of Chandigarh. These can be promoted by establishing rural business hubs. We propose to tie up with the CII, which is working with Govt. to promote this concept.

4.Training and entrepreneur development

It is of utmost importance to make the people of the villages empowered  to take up economic activities in enhancing their income level.  Various vocational activities having scope in Chandigarh shall be identified in which people can be trained.  The trained people will be brought together to form a Cooperative Society  which can provide these services to the city.  Link shall be established between the training institutes  and the customers .

5.Sports Tournaments

Sports Tournaments shall be organized in the villages regularly.  It will create the sense of sportsmanship and brotherhood among the rural youth which will also lead to peace and communal harmony amongst the village community.  The sports tournaments shall be organized in collaboration with the youth sports clubs and the Nehru Yuvak Kendras.

6.Website for Rural Development

It shall be created for information regarding Rural Development department and the Village Local Bodies and Zila Parishad and information relevant to people in the villages.  This shall help in providing easy access to information of any kind  needed by people.

7.Evaluation of the works executed by PRIs.

It shall reflect upon the quantitative and qualitative changes that have come  in the life  style of the villagers on account of the impact of works executed  in villages.  It shall be helpful in preparation of a plan for future development of the villages which shall serve as a guidebook.

8.Sanitation : Most important in rural context.

Regular monitoring of Panchayats to ensure sanitation and cleanliness in the villages.  The best Panchayat shall be awarded for cleanliness on Republic Day with Administrator’s trophy.

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