Located at a distance of 5 Km. From Chandigarh  City in the foot hills of  Shivaliks.

Factual Data

Factual Data Area
Total Area 564 Acre
Acquired land 208 Acre
Unacquired land. 356 Acres.
4. Panchayat land 7 Acre.

5. Total Population

i) Male

ii)  Female

6831 (Census 2011)



6. No. of Mahila Mandals. 1


Facility Detail
1. Electricity Provided with a provision of street light.
2. Irrigation Provided.
3. Water Supply Provided.
4.Circular road Metalled.
5. Building of Activity Centre  Building of Activity center provided & is being used for running Health Sub Centre & Telephone Exchange
6. Bus Service Available
7. Education There is a Govt. High School.
8. Credit Facility Credit facilities of the residents are catered to by the Branch of State Bank of Patiala located in the village.
9. Sewerage System Provided.
10. Veterinary sub Centre Provided.
11. Street Pavement All the streets of this village have been brick paved.
12. Rural Sanitation Sweepers have been engaged  by the Panchayat for cleanliness of village streets and its  surroundings.
13. Angarnwari Centres. Two Anganwari Centres are running in the village.
14. Sports Stadium. Provided.
15. Alternative Medical Unit One Alternative Medical Unit has been opened.
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